About us

HISA Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, is a company focused on medical emergency kits and patient transports products. HISA shall be fast and discreet, and so is our work and attitude. HISA makes every effort to better our products and serve our commitments to our customers.

Our products and service matters lives of human beings which allows no hesitation and ignorance to the business.


We have our fully equipped manufacturing facility at Pondichery and Marketing and godown facility at chennai. with easy access by Sea/Air/Rail/Road.With the workforce of over 200 dedicated employees, we have the capacity to design and manufacture our own range of kits and components apart from custom made designs of our customers. With an in house sterilization chamber and a laboratory for testing our focus is on delivering quality products through constant innovations, improvements and experimentation.



Our professional, experienced and talented individuals as well as specialists in the respective areas are the key management personnel for HISA Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. They devote all their energy to the continued development and growth of the company.
We shall enhance our overall performance by empowering our employees, partnering with our suppliers and improving all our business processes through our commitment to the Quality Business System.



To become a global healthcare organization and to be recognized as domestic and international the best first aid and pharma company through innovation , quality and competence



To hold our responsibility of delivering standard first aid and pharma products to all automobile companies and also to the society without compromising integrity, Ethics ànd commitment.


Our Goal

• Make health affordable to all
• Allow access to the best
• Employ well researched Modern Technology
• Seamless delivery of Products